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Access, find and screen high-quality verified job candidates with Freshhire.

FreshHire helps HR managers hire at scale by hyper-filtering
high-quality job applicants by delivering verified competency,
and skill based assessments with video interviews.

Hiring Managers

Filter through the FreshHire candidate pool to see how verified candidates with proven integrity and high-level skills stack up against their peers. Reduce time and cost-to-hire, while connecting the right candidate to the right job.


Circumvent traditional recruiting methods by demonstrating your abilities and integrity directly to hiring managers. Take skill-based, pre-employment assessments on FreshHire to become a featured candidate. Get recommended and get hired faster.

Hiring Managers

Discover how to filter the best candidates

Pre-employment assessments have become an invaluable tool to hiring managers in determining a candidate’s fitness to succeed, but their authenticity often comes into question. FreshHire brings peace-of-mind to the recruitment process with verified candidates and secure pre-employment assessments.

Over 2.5 million identity verification and monitoring sessions delivered.

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FreshHire brings integrity, ethics and peace of mind to the recruitment process.

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Show hiring managers your understanding, knowledge and aptitude in a variety of technologies.

Our Verificient Verified Certificates, have been used as a trusted source of accountability and authentications for over a million students/candidates in the some of the most prestigious colleges, universities and companies around the world. Now the same technology is being used to verify the competency and skill set of job candidates.

Hiring Managers

Demand more from pre-employment assessments
and online recruitment.

Hire candidates with verified identity, proven integrity, high-level skills, and no surprises.