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Now you can take verified tests anytime and anywhere when you're ready. FreshHire connects technology graduates to hiring managers.

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FreshHire is a testing and recruitment platform, helping HR managers hire-at-scale by filtering high-quality candidates through verified skill-based assessments with video interviews.

For Hiring Managers

Plug into your recruitment process
FreshHire seamlessly integrates into your corporate career sites and exports your favorite candidates right into your ATS.

Easy to use
FreshHire offers a collaborative hiring experience, with simple dashboards, tagging and filtering tools, and a modern user interface.

Evaluate candidates before bringing them in
Access a full report, including candidates’ resumes, geography, salary requirements, test scores and analytics, rankings, video interviews, and your own qualitative sentiment data, complete with sorting functionality.

Customize to your needs
Select from the FreshHire assessment library, or upload your own to measure your candidates’ strengths.

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For Candidates

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Build your FreshHire profile
Upload your resume and answer video interview questions to show why you are a good fit, both on paper and in the office.

Ready when you are
Take assessments as many times as you want. FreshHire is available at your convenience – anytime, anywhere, on-demand.

Stand out from your peers
Prove what you know, earn verified certificates, and publish the scores you are proud of.

Get hired faster
Allow FreshHire to recommend your profile to hundreds of hiring managers, instantly.

Over 2.5 million identity verification and monitoring sessions delivered.

verificient is online identity verification

Verificient Technologies, Inc. is a Trusted Identity-as-a-Service (TIaaS) specializing in identity verification and authentication through its patented solutions that utilizes AI, machine learning, computer visioning and biometrics. The company has its headquarters in New York City and is trusted by academic, government and private sector institutions around the world.Verificient ensures the integrity of online users and serve a variety of markets, including higher education, HR & Recruitment, and Remote Labor-Force Management.

Verificient’s solutions are each built to achieve custom integrations and contain configurable settings to meet each client’s unique needs.Our professional team provides reliable and cost-effective, accessible and secure 24/7 online support.  We recognize the value of integrity and the benefits of transparency, accountability and respect. Our employees believe in this vision, and aim to uphold these principles through better customer service, quality assurance and innovation, and an ongoing tradition of community involvement.

Rajnish kumar, CEO

Rajnish Kumar

Co-founder, CEO

Rajnish Kumar, Ph.D., is one of the founders and collaborating inventors of our identity verification and authentication technology. Rajnish is responsible for leading the research, development, and product design for all the verticals we serve. His expertise covers multimedia systems, distributed systems and RFID technology. Rajnish received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Georgia Tech in 2006. As part of his dissertation, he designed and implemented SensorStack, which provides systems support for cross layering in the network stack for adaptability. Rajnish previously served as Chief Technology Officer at Weyond and Techtalks.tv.

Rahul Siddharth, COO, Verificient Technologies Inc. (Freshhire)

Rahul Siddharth

Co-founder, COO

As Co-Founder and COO of Verificient Technologies, Rahul Siddharth is responsible for the overall operations, branding and strategy, while also supporting business development efforts. His background experiences include business consulting, marketing, art directing, and project management. Rahul has won 40 Creative Excellence Awards while working at Comedywire, SCG Creative, Alignkraft, Grey Advertising, Bernard Hodes Group (Omnicom), Jack Morton Worldwide (IPG), Zoecom, RSVPdesign, Bayard Advertising and One Source. He has an MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design and a BS in Marketing from Fairfield University.

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