Why Integrity Matters

All assessments on FreshHire are automatically proctored using a candidate’s web camera, microphone and our automated verification algorithms. No human supervision is being used to watch you take tests. However, even if you have a perfect test score, and you violate the “Integrity Guidelines” listed in this section below, your test will be disqualified and the results will not be eligible to be presented to hiring companies. FreshHire brings integrity, ethics and peace of mind to the recruitment process.

Our Verificient Verified Certificates, have been used as a trusted source of accountability and authentications for over a million students/candidates in the some of the most prestigious colleges, universities and companies around the world.

Once a candidate receives a Verificient Verified Certificate, they’re eligible to proceed to the interview process. All Partner hiring firms rely on our verified results, to ensure the integrity and demonstrated competencies of all potential candidates that are being considered for a in office interview.

Test Guidelines

To ensure an optimal testing experience and Integrity, review and follow this Guidelines

Use a private testing area

You must be alone, at a desk and chair so that you are sitting up-right during the test. If other people are around you, you could be disqualified.

Turn off noise making devices

Your test environment must be free from outside noise. Turn off all sound-emitting devices completely. Any suspicious noise detected may result in your disqualification.

Ensure your face is clearly visible

Anything that obscures your face can flag your test for violation. This includes but is not limited to: hair, sunglasses and hats. Reading glasses are acceptable however.

Close all extra browser tabs

Leaving the exam page for any reason will result in a policy violation. You must stay in the test at all times.

Sit in front of your webcam

Leaving the webcam frame is a policy violation, make sure you’re sitting directly in the middle of the frame.

Create proper environment lighting

You must be in a consistently well-lit room, with as plain of a background as possible.

Integrity Guidelines

To ensure the high integrity of your test session, you are required to follow the following Guidelines

Have a valid photo ID ready

In order to verify your identity, we will ask to scan a photo ID card. You may use a government issued driver’s license, passport or student photo identification card.

No breaks allowed

If you need to use the bathroom, you should use it now. Once the blue frame appears, you may not leave the camera view until the test is finished.

Eating and Drinking not allowed

Doing so can disqualify you from the assessment.

Do not cheat

Your integrity is the key to your success.

Do not leave the test session

Leaving the camera frame can make your session disqualified.

No note taking allowed

Pen, paper or other writing instruments are forbidden.

No personal items allowed

All items including sunglasses, keys, mobile devices are forbidden.

No one is allowed around you

Having multiple people around you can disqualify you.

Having trouble? Request help.